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XIRIUM welcomes the Tour De France

Ripon Cathedral

Phil Gott, speaking to Charlie Brown a freelance sound engineer who works for AV Matrix regarding his first experience using XIRIUM.

The event was” Welcome to Yorkshire’s  100 Days Dinner”, held at Ripon Cathedral to launch the 100 days count down to The Tour De France. The evening marked the beginning of a series of Cultural, Arts and Festival events, planned to take place in Yorkshire throughout the 100 days leading to the UK’s Tour De France.  “Welcome To Yorkshire’s” guests at the event included a number of dignitaries, sporting celebrities and participants of The Tour De France.

“Welcome to Yorkshire” commissioned Mark Parker and his company AV Matrix to design and supply the sound and lighting systems for this prestigious event.  Their brief for was to provide high quality sound reinforcement for the speeches and also good music quality sound for the backing tracks which accompanied aerial dancers and singers on stage, whilst they performed to the newly composed Tour De France “anthem”.

A major technical challenge they had within the Cathedral was that no cables were allowed to cross the building! Charlie suggested using Neutrik’s XIRIUM system, which was subsequently hired from Joe Mitchel of Sound Hire. On the night XIRIUM was instrumental in overcoming the problem of getting audio signals to the loudspeakers, without running wires between the pillars in the Cathedral.

The amazing light show which illuminated interior of the Cathedral and highlighted the on stage performance was controlled via wireless DMX. The PA sound was linked by XIRIUM, in a system which consisted of a 4 channel transmitter unit (TRX Base Station); sending 4 separate audio feeds across to 4 clip on receivers (NX1RX). These receivers were attached to the sides of 4 RCF column loud speakers. The layout as designed had 4 loud speakers on each side of the cathedral with a wired pair at the end where running cables was not an issue.

The most important discovery Charlie made was that, the external antennas work very stable and reliable.

Charlie who is also the in-house technician at Ripon Cathedral explained, “ they do have a sound system installed at the Cathedral for all the usual events, but when it comes to adding stages etc. an additional system is brought in to assist, which regularly causes issues with cabling”.

Following his experience with XIRIUM, Charlie says “he will without a doubt use XIRIUM again”. He has been asked to organise a PA system for Ripon Town Square during the Tour De France race weekend in July, for which he is already planning to use XIRIUM. It will feed delayed speakers attached to lamp posts down both sides of the Market Square, as again cabling will not be allowed. For Charlie that will be followed in September by the Cathedral’s annual fund raising event, another potential use for Xirium perhaps!



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