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Neutrik's successful fights against piracy of products and trademark infringement

Even if actions against Chinese companies that copy products and ignore patent and trademark rights may seem almost hopeless, it is nevertheless important to fight for your brands and your position in the global market. No doubt, this is challenging, but may turn out to be worthwhile as Neutrik AG proved impressively in the last months.


One important success was achieved during the most important European trade fair for Neutrik, the Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt/Main, at the end of March 2012. Based on an injunction issued due to trademark infringement rights and illegal use of protected product design features, all relevant products, catalogs and brochures were confiscated directly at the booth of the copier and a substantial fine was imposed. Such activities also showed impact on other exhibitors and may encourage them to continue the fight against piracy of products.

Another success in defending Neutrik's trademarks took place in Shenzhen / China in June 2012. Together with the local authorities, it was possible to catch a company red-handed when manufacturing a large number of Neutrik product copies. In addition more than 10,000 copied products as well as tools and packaging material were confiscated, criminal proceedings against the company and its managers were instituted, too.

The most recent action to be reported about occurred in Zhengzhou / China in July 2012. Fake Neutrik powerCON connectors could be confiscated directly at a component market.

Although Neutrik AG is unable to track down and stop all violations of product, patent and trademark infringements, it will remain an important task on the company's agenda. Neutrik's brand claim – innovative solutions – superior quality – it is one of the drivers as only the original can fulfill these requirements. We have to give our best that the consumer can continue to be confident that with the purchase of Neutrik products his expectations and requirements are met in full.