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MULTIMODE FIBER UPGRADE - laser and bend optimized OM3 fibers

Neutrik's opticalCON multimode fiber cables were upgraded to laser and bend optimized OM3 fibers. These new fibers meet the stringent OM3 requirements for high bandwidth applications and are optimized for laser sources.

Bandwidth-intense transmissions, such as HD video, DVI, Gigabit Ethernet, etc., require the higher performance offered by laser-optimized multimode optical fiber (OM3). The use of OM1 and OM2 for high bandwidth applications is limited in transmission length. Modern equipment (as fiber WDM extenders, combining HD-SDI, Ethernet,...) starts to require transmissions of more than 6 Gb/s, to achieve reasonable transmission distances (e.g. 300m). For such data rates OM3 fibers are necessary. Laser sources instead of LEDs enable transmissions at high data rates; thus laser optimized multimode fibers are required to avoid DMD effects.

The need for OM3 is still limited to few applications; Neutrik wants to stay ahead of time with the switch to top quality OM3 fibers. The cable price will be not increased.