Connect your legacy audio gear to the DANTETM world

The NA2-IO-DLINE is an end-of-network device. It is a breakout box which allows two channels of audio to be integrated into a DANTETM network. Simultaneously, NA2-IO-DLINE converts a DANTETM stream into analog audio signals. Hence, it is possible to use this tiny box to feed analog audio signals into the DANTETM network while at the same time receiving a mix from another DANTETM source.

NA2-IO-DLINE is designed for harsh stage conditions. It therefore features lockable chassis connectors for both the audio and network connections. For fixed installations, the rubber protection can be removed. With optional mounting brackets or a rack panel, the box can be mounted below tables, in floor boxes, or in equipment racks. 


Setup / Power Supply


Features & Benefits

  • Connect analog audio equipment to a DANTETM network
  • Heavy duty adapter for rugged stage conditions
  • Lockable audio and network connections
  • Convert up to two analog line signals to a DANTETM network
  • Feed non DANTETM ready amplifiers, speakers or mixing desks with signals from the DANTETM network
  • Requires a Power over Ethernet switch or a PoE injector (802.3 af/at; class 1)
  • AES67 compliant
  • Rack mountable

For DANTETM related questions, refer to the Audinate web site: The Audinate web site features a wealth of manuals, teaching material, FAQs and videos. 

Please see the Technical Specifications in the NA2-IO-DLINE brochure. 

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